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Posted by: matthewbrick
09-18-2020, 04:00 AM
Forum: مقالات انجليزية English articles
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Posted by: fakhry
09-09-2020, 08:39 PM
Forum: medical information - معلومات طبية
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[Image: Tagliatelle-Food-Noodles-Pasta-Raw-Carbo...147811.jpg]

Which of these has the least carbohydrates?

roll of bread?

bowl of rice?

Or  can of soda?

It's a trick question.

Although they may differ in fats, vitamins, and other nutritional content, when it comes to carbs, they're pretty much the same.

So what exactly does that mean for your diet?

First of all, carbohydrate is the nutritional category for sugars and molecules that your body breaks down to make sugars.

Carbohydrates are often simple or complex counting on their structure.

This is an easy sugar, or monosaccharide.

Glucose, fructose, and galactose are all simple sugars.

Link two of them together, and you have got a disaccharide, lactose, maltose, or sucrose.

Complex carbohydrates, on the opposite hand, have three or more simple sugars strung together.
[Image: Carbohydrate_-_Acetal.jpg]

Complex carbohydrates with three to 10 linked sugars are oligosaccharides.

Those with quite ten are polysaccharides.

During digestion, your body breaks down those complex carbohydrates into their monosaccharide building blocks, which your cells can use for energy.

So once you eat any carbohydrate-rich food, the sugar level in your blood, normally a few teaspoon, goes up.

But your alimentary canal doesn't answer all carbohydrates an equivalent .

Consider starch and fiber, both polysaccharides, both derived from plants, both composed of hundreds to thousands of monosaccharides joined together, but they're joined together differently, which changes the effect they need on your body.

In starches, which plants mostly store for energy in roots and seeds, glucose molecules are joined together by alpha linkages, most of which may be easily cleaved by enzymes in your alimentary canal .

But in fiber, the bonds between monosaccharide molecules are beta bonds, which your body can't break down.

Fiber also can trap some starches, preventing them from being cleaved, leading to something called resistant starch.

So foods high in starch, like crackers and light bread , are digested easily, quickly releasing an entire bunch of glucose into your blood, exactly what would happen if you drank something high in glucose, like soda.

These foods have a high glycemic index, the quantity that a specific food raises the sugar level in your blood.

Soda and light bread have an identical glycemic index because they need an identical effect on your blood glucose .

But once you eat foods high in fiber, like vegetables, fruits, and whole grains, those indigestible beta bonds slow the discharge of glucose into the blood.

Those foods have a lower glycemic index, and foods like eggs, cheese, and meats have rock bottom glycemic index.

When sugar moves from the alimentary canal to the blood stream, your body kicks into action to transfer it into your tissues where it are often processed and used for energy.

Insulin, a hormone synthesized within the pancreas, is one among the body's main tools for sugar management.

When you eat and your blood glucose rises, insulin is secreted into the blood.

It prompts your muscle and fat cells to let glucose in and jump starts the conversion of sugar to energy.

The degree to which a unit of insulin lowers the blood glucose helps us understand something called insulin sensitivity.

The more a given unit of insulin lowers blood glucose , the more sensitive you're to insulin.

If insulin sensitivity goes down, that's referred to as insulin resistance.

The pancreas still sends out insulin, but cells, especially muscle cells, are less and fewer aware of it, so blood glucose fails to decrease, and blood insulin continues to rise.

Chronically consuming tons of carbohydrates may cause insulin resistance, and lots of scientists believe that insulin resistance results in a significant condition called metabolic syndrome.

That involves a constellation of symptoms, including high blood glucose , increased waist circumference, and high vital sign .

It increases the danger of developing conditions, like disorder and sort II diabetes.

And its prevalence is rapidly increasing everywhere the planet .

As much as 32% of the population within the U.S. has metabolic syndrome.

So let's revisit to your diet.

Whether your food tastes sweet or not, sugar is sugar, and too many carbs are often a drag .

So maybe you'll be wanting to require a expire that pasta sushi roll pita burrito donut burger sandwich

By Richard J. Wood


  1. Richard J. Wood
  2. Video from TED-Ed

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Posted by: smith09
09-09-2020, 08:14 AM
Forum: مشاكل وحلول البرمجيات Software problems and solutions
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It is extremely annoying, when MS Outlook keeps asking for Password in spite of entering it many times in the app. I am passing through this technical situation. So it is making me more frustrating. I don’t know exactly why I am facing this difficult situation. There can be many technical causes why it asks from me to type my password again and again. I have applied my technical solutions to sort out Outlook keeps asking for password error, but no results. I have no appropriate resolutions for this error.

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Posted by: emailfix11
09-07-2020, 07:52 AM
Forum: معلومات بالانجليزية Information in English
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Among the prominent telecommunication companies, Frontier Communication is one of the leading companies in the United States. From the high-speed internet services to the secured email services, Frontier gives a user-friendly platform to cater to their needs. After setting up an account on Frontier, you can access to a Login panel to leverage all its features properly. However, frontier mail login Issue arises sometimes, and as a result, users become incapable of accessing their accounts. Well, such kind of issue is very common and generally arises due to several known and unknown reasons.

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Posted by: ahmedadham
09-06-2020, 01:01 PM
Forum: مقالات عربية Arabic articles
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Why does the problem of water leakage occur?
Of course, there are a number of basic causes that lead to water leaks, and therefore negatively affect your home in the long term.
Water leak detection rates
O The neglect of regular maintenance of the house, or the use of non-specialized labor or companies.
Do not do insulation work.
The use of plumbing tools is not of high quality, causing cracks and cracks in the near term.
Clogging and corrosion of water pipes.
Detection of water leaks
Leave the damaged water taps, from which water leaks without repair.
Do not insulate external pipes thermally, which is exposed to the sun permanently.
Land drop causes increased load on the pipes in the ground, causing a breakage, and then leakage of water.
Installation of tiles without ensuring the quality of welding between the differences, and therefore a large leakage of

water occurs.
How to get rid of the problem of water leaks in your home?
We offer you in the company specialized houses in the detection of water leaks in Riyadh, an important ways to get rid of the problem of water leakage is as follows:
water leaks in your home
Make the home air-conditioned and exposed to the sun a daily habit.
Note if moisture is present in the walls of your home and try to treat it with the help of a well experienced water leak detection and repair company.
Disconnect water sources from the equipment you use, such as refrigerants, if not used for a long time.
Make sure you and your family close the main valves if you are away from home for longer than a day

Is future water leakage harmful?
Small problems with their neglect become large and cause serious damage, so the problem of water leakage should be solved as soon as they are discovered because they cause serious damage:

Deformation of the exterior of the house walls from inside and outside, as well as flooring.
High water bills.
Impact on the foundations and infrastructure of the home.
Serious problems occur if the water leaks next to one of the external power connections.
Spending a lot of money on solving the problem of leaking water in case it was a big problem has been ignored for long periods.
You can avoid all these damages as soon as you communicate with Al-Bayt Company, the best water leak detection company in Riyadh, providing all the components that any customer seeking to provide quality, and suitable prices for the service.

Look for a leak detection company with these features
Your choice of a water leak detection company should be based on a number of advantages that ensure a good performance and a final solution to your problem.
Najran water leak detection company

Water leak detection company

Water leak detection company in Riyadh

كشف تسربات المياه بالخرج

Water leak detection company in Dammam

Water leak detection company in Qatif

Detect leaks baths

شركة كشف تسربات المياه بحفر الباطن

شركة كشف تسربات المياه بالقصيم

شركة كشف تسربات المياه بالاحساء

Water leak detection company in Madinah

Detection of water leaks in Qassim

Detection of reservoir leaks in Jeddah

Water leak detection company in Makkah

Company revealed leaks bathrooms in Jeddah

Company revealed kitchen leaks Jeddah

Detection of surface leaks in Taif

Check leaks
The company shall have a team of scientific and professional skills and expertise to qualify for the detection of water leaks of all kinds, whether visible or hidden, and be able to find the ideal solutions for disposal.
The company has all the latest world-class equipment, which in turn detects and repairs leaks, and is trained to use them efficiently.
The company has long years of experience in this field, which qualifies it to work efficiently and professionally. It should also be constantly familiar with everything that is developed at the global level. It should be informed of the way it works, its equipment and tools, and thus the trust and satisfaction of its customers.
The company is keen to provide strong technical support to its customers around the clock to answer all their questions and suggestions and solve various problems that may face them.
That the company offers various competitive offers in terms of water leakage detection rates so that these offers achieve the quality of performance, competitive prices that suit all segments of the community.
We at Al-Bayt Company is the best water leak detection company in Riyadh. We achieve all the previous advantages, so that we are able to control the problems of detecting water leaks without cracking or distorting the internal and external appearance of your home, because we have the latest technology adopted in this specialty. Water is appropriate, compared to companies that compete in this field.

How can we set the problem without cracking the place?
In the past, places were broken to detect water leakage, but with the incredible scientific progress and tremendous development in the manufacture of modern equipment and tools, and with the expertise of the cottage company team, the best water leak detection company is no longer needed to crack,

Consequences of dealing with companies not guaranteed in leak detection
You may be dealing with companies that are not guaranteed in the field of leak detection, either because of the urgent search, or rely on false advertising or the selection of companies that provide services at low costs, in this case may endanger your home, as well as waste more time, effort and money, has It develops into real disasters, God forbid, so make sure the efficiency of your company, and in the home company will touch the ideal solutions and integrated to the problems of water leakage in record time.

Method of treatment of leaks in toilets or kitchens:
In the beginning of the treatment of water leakage in toilets and kitchens, the location of the leak should be identified using modern techniques without cracking. Among the devices commonly used is the ultrasonic korealising machine, which helps to find the hole or the cracking. Pipes are easily.
After the access to the place of the hole is pasted, and if this fails, the pipe is changed by the leakage of water, and then the floors and walls are treated from the effects of water leaks, and the resulting distortions in the paints and increase the moisture .... etc.
Al-Qassim water leak detection company
Isolation of toilets or kitchens is one of the main means of protection from water leakage, and even if future defects occur in the pipes, it is in a limited range without adversely affecting the lower floors or walls, unlike kitchens or toilets that do not have insulation.
What are the causes of water leakage in reservoirs? How do you get rid of that problem?

Top Reservoirs:

One of the main causes of leakage of water tanks upper exposure to permanent heat of the sun, and then affected by the material made of the body of the tank, and this is in the form of leaks spills from the walls or floors of the reservoir, and also a defect in the supply lines that supply the reservoir water or lines Drainage through which the water of the reservoir is disposed of, and the water level in the upper reservoirs can be reduced without external leaks; due to the accumulation of algae and its spills on the water.
It is possible to eliminate the problem of water leaks in reservoirs; by isolating the tank, where it is discharged from all the water, and dried completely, and then add a buffer material such as foam or epoxy, and then the reservoir is tested after the dry insulation to ensure Of the efficiency of the insulation, and then becomes adapted to households' household use.
Floor Tanks:
Al-Kharj water leak detection company
Water leaks in land reservoirs occur due to a defect in the cement layer lining the reservoir or the floors. This has serious negative effects, mainly the increase in the water bill due to the incursion of water into the soil pores without benefit, and the possibility of impact on the concrete bases of the building adjacent to the reservoir.
The treatment of water leaks in the ground reservoirs is to discharge the tank completely, and then the thickness of the floors and walls is increased

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Posted by: Sofia120
09-05-2020, 02:16 PM
Forum: معلومات بالانجليزية Information in English
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You might be required to restart printer spooler for a number of reasons and if you are looking for the way to do it then don’t worry as can help you out in no time.

To configure it, open Open ‘Run’ and press Windows key + R together and type ‘services.msc’ and click on ‘Enter’. Once the Service window opens up, look up for ‘Printer Spooler’ and right click on it and click on ‘Stop’. Close the window and open the ‘Run’ box again and hit enter after typing ‘Spool’. Delete all the files in that folder and if it asks for administrator access then grant it. Open the services window for another time and click on ‘Start’ next to printer spooler services by right clicking the option. Restart your laptop/desktop and you can get back to your printing tasks right away.

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Posted by: richardy
09-02-2020, 07:50 AM
Forum: هندسة طرق وجسور Roads and bridges engineering
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There are mainly four divisions of civil engineering which are namely,

Structural Engineering
The structural engineering is mainly deals with structural propose and the structural investigation of different bridges, buildings, flyovers, roads and other lands. The structural engineers mainly indentify the load on which the structure is going to be made. As per the load the structural engineers mainly successfully support the loads and the design. By keeping in mind the safely of the common people, the structural engineer mainly develop and frame the designing of roads, bridges and the flyovers. The structural engineers mainly consider the strength and the stability of the structure.
Construction Survey
Before developing any sort of project, the technician mainly conduct a survey to assess the condition of the buildings and actual infrastructure of the existing building. Additionally, the engineers and other technician mainly look after the structure of the actual location. Through construction survey, the engineers mainly check out the plans and the actual design of the infrastructure.
Control Engineers.:
In the case of civil engineering, control engineering is one of the major parts. By applying the controlling theory, civil engineers mainly design the system for developing the infrastructure in the right direction. In order to develop the system, civil engineers mainly focus on mathematical modeling for enhancing the range of the system.
Transport Engineering
Transport engineering is one of the major parts of civil engineering. The main responsibility of the transport engineers is to design, develop, construct, and control the whole transporting system of one specific area or location. Here the engineers mainly give emphasis on infrastructure management.

My Assignment help is one of the reputed online sites for getting best quality solution for any kind of topics. 

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Posted by:
09-01-2020, 09:26 AM
Forum: مقالات عربية Arabic articles
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Numerous Internet advertisers don't see the 10,000 foot view. At the point when you notice showcasing to them, they think pay-per-click, website streamlining, or standard publicizing for instance. What they ordinarily neglect to consider are things like papers, postcards, banners, and business cards. Post office based mail is an incredible method to get an edge over your online rivals and to have another approach to arrive at your possibilities.

Need to make progress with standard mail promoting? Here are a couple of basic variables to consider:

Locate the correct information base of mail beneficiaries.

Above all else, you'll need to locate a legitimate wellspring of mailing records Latest Mailing Database. At that point, you'll have to locate the correct rundown to buy. It's not just about finding a rundown in the correct market - you need to consider things like what move possibilities needed to make to get onto that rundown, how much cash they have, how old the rundown is, and then some.

Have enticing duplicate.

"I am an Internet advertiser who rakes in boatloads of cash on the web. I reliably make a large number of dollars by clicking a few catches. Send me $50 and I'll give you how - money as it were."

In the event that you ended up going after your wallet in the wake of perusing the last three lines, at that point you're an uncommon variety. The majority of the mail that individuals get gets threw without being opened. The greater part of the mail that gets opened gets a brisk once-finished and afterward gets tossed in the junk, or ideally the reusing receptacle. Directly off the bat, you should catch your peruser's eye and clutch them with an astounding feature or some other point of convergence on your bit of mail.

There's restricted land on letters or postcards (for instance), so make the most of each word. All things considered, your responsibility is to distinguish your possibility's concern, intensify it a bit, and afterward give a splendid answer for that issue, across the board bit of mail. Uncover close to nothing and your possibility will be dubious. Uncover excessively and your possibilities will discover all that they're searching for directly in your letter! Uncover the perfect measure of data, and your possibility won't feel calm until they get more data and put in their request.

Have a straightforward, yet rich structure.

Ostentatious shouts trick, so don't do it. Dull shouts, well, dull, so don't do that either. Basic structures are best since they're engaging, yet not diverting either. A logo, a fringe, your message, a motto, in addition to your contact data is everything you require to have a basic, however successful bit of regular postal mail.

Keep in mind, individuals don't accepting things or make a move from advertisers that they don't trust. In the event that you're showcasing business openings through post office based mail, at that point you'll have to make yourself look dependable. Incorporate your name, a photograph, and a short bio on the off chance that you have room. Notwithstanding your own data, incorporate in any event two different ways to contact you. Email locations can be mysterious and phones can go unanswered, so on the off chance that you need to facilitate your possibility's brain, incorporate both and include your site address and physical location too, as a sanity check. Post office based mail publicizing may appear to be overwhelming from the start, however it's about continually tweaking different pieces of your mission until you can press the most return out of each mailing.

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Posted by: oliviacrew
08-31-2020, 11:23 AM
Forum: معلومات بالانجليزية Information in English
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