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Stop Accepting The LIES!
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lies the accepting stop

Stop Accepting The LIES!


Many believe, President Donald Trump, is largely - driven, by his need for attention, and a degree of adulation! Does this explain, his apparent tendency, to avoid telling the truth, when lying is possible? When political fact - checker state, he LIES, so often, why is he able to get away with it? It seems, no matter what, Trump's core supporters, either, believe him, or don't care about his integrity, etc! What can most Americans do, when the occupant of the White Houses, proceeds this way? How can we protect and insulate ourselves from the potential dangers, of this behavior, while discovering the needed, necessary facts, and information, which might serve us, best? In view of that, this article will endeavor to, quickly, consider, analyze, audit, and examine, utilizing the memory helper approach, what this implies and speaks to, the potential dangers, and how citizens, can largely, prevent this from occurring, in the future.

1. Lessons; listen; learn: Only, when our elected officials, are willing to pay keen attention, and learn the relevant, sustainable lessons, from both, our successes, and failures, of the past, will we get the quality, priorities and needs - based leadership, and direct, we need, and deserve! Citizens must proceed, to effectively listen, but demand facts, and solutions, instead of empty rhetoric, and promises! If we don't learn, and demand better, and more, we risk the finest, sustainable future!

2. Integrity; ideas; innovate; imagination; ideology/ ideals: Shouldn't we demand leaders, who consistently maintain their integrity, especially, when there may be, some path of least resistance? We need leaders, who are capable of introducing the finest ideas, and instead of, merely, articulating the same - old, same - old, empty promises and rhetoric! Wouldn't things be better, if every public official, especially the elected ones, had the imagination, to proceed, forward, using service - based, ideology, and emphasizing the needed, and necessary, service - based, ideals?

3. Experts; expertise/ experience; empathy; emphasis: Are we being properly represented, when the President replaces experts, with his own beliefs, and, instead of being surrounded by individuals with the necessary combination of relevant expertise and experience, he surrounds himself, with, yes - men? Other than his core supporters, most realize Trump seems to lack the empathy, citizens, need and deserve, and his emphasis, appears to center - on, his personal/ political agenda, and self - interest, rather than the greater good!

4. System; service; stronger/ strengths; sustainable; solutions: It takes someone, organized, focused, and willing to learn from every experience, etc, to perceive and conceive of, create, and implement, the finest system, to serve and represent su! Rather than focusing on this degree of service, which would generally, provide the strength, to make us stronger, his focus, seems more self - centered! What America, and the world, truly needs now, is leadership, which emphasizes viable, relevant, sustainable solutions!

Wake up, America, and stop listening to the LIES, empty rhetoric and promises, and investigate thoroughly, someone's qualifications, etc, before voting for him, in the future! The future of the world may largely, depend, on it!

Smile FAKHRY Smile

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