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'Job deprivation' passes the US House of Representatives day...
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deprivation us representatives house day of the passes job

'Job deprivation' passes the US House of Representatives day...


[font=굴림, gulim, sans-serif]The US House of Representatives adopted a resolution calling for the exclusion of President Donald Trump's duties on the [/font][font=굴림, gulim, sans-serif]12th[/font][font=굴림, gulim, sans-serif] (local time). But Vice President Pence, holding the key, rejected the request before the resolution was passed. The House of Representatives, with a majority Democratic Party, will vote the next day for an impeachment proceeding against President Trump and continue to press for resignation before his tenure.[/font]

[font=굴림, gulim, sans-serif]The resolution passed on that day demands that Vice President Pence declare that President Trump is incapable of carrying out his duties pursuant to Article [/font][font=굴림, gulim, sans-serif]25[/font][font=굴림, gulim, sans-serif] of the Amendment and immediately exercise his power as acting presidential authority.[/font]

[font=굴림, gulim, sans-serif]The House of Representatives passed the resolution at the plenary session with [/font][font=굴림, gulim, sans-serif]223[/font][font=굴림, gulim, sans-serif] votes in favor and [/font][font=굴림, gulim, sans-serif]205[/font][font=굴림, gulim, sans-serif] votes against . Except for Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger, who voted in favor, 우리카지노 all voted along the party line.[/font]

[font=굴림, gulim, sans-serif]In the debate before the vote, Democrats argued that President Trump had broken trust in the electoral system and democratic process, such as agitating the crowd and encouraging the congressional occupation.[/font]

[font=굴림, gulim, sans-serif]He also stressed that the president should be held accountable for endangering people in the parliament, including Vice President Pence and House Speaker Pelosi, and that the president should be dismissed because he cannot perform his duties normally.[/font]

[font=굴림, gulim, sans-serif]On the other hand, Republican lawmakers opposed, saying that Congress had no authority to order the vice president.[/font]

[font=굴림, gulim, sans-serif][font=굴림, gulim, sans-serif]Vice President Pence sent a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi before the vote, saying that he would reject the parliamentary request, saying, "The invocation of the [/font][font=굴림, gulim, sans-serif]25th[/font][font=굴림, gulim, sans-serif] Amendment is not in the best interests of the state and does not conform to the Constitution.[/font][/font]

[font=굴림, gulim, sans-serif]In his letter, Vice President Pence said that the provision was designed in case the President was physically and mentally disabled and should not be used to punish or deprive the President.[/font]

[font=굴림, gulim, sans-serif]He emphasized that the resolution would further divide the country and ignite controversy. "Now it is time to reconcile and heal, leaving the tragedy of January 6 behind."[/font]

[font=굴림, gulim, sans-serif]Article [/font][font=굴림, gulim, sans-serif]25[/font][font=굴림, gulim, sans-serif] of the Amendment was introduced after the murder of former President John F. Kennedy. The purpose of the legislation is that the vice president must declare the president's powerlessness and succeed in power to continue state affairs when the president is in a state of inactivity where he cannot perform his duties.[/font]

[font=굴림, gulim, sans-serif]President sure not fit to perform their duties ( [/font][font=굴림, gulim, sans-serif]unfit[/font][font=굴림, gulim, sans-serif] not just judge) can not do the job state ( [/font][font=굴림, gulim, sans-serif]Unable[/font][font=굴림, gulim, sans-serif] to modify the Constitution, based on whether or) [/font][font=굴림, gulim, sans-serif]25[/font][font=굴림, gulim, sans-serif] that they may decide to trigger action.[/font]

[font=굴림, gulim, sans-serif]Nevertheless, the fact that Congress demanded Vice President Pence to invoke Article [/font][font=굴림, gulim, sans-serif]25 of the[/font][font=굴림, gulim, sans-serif] Amendment has a symbolic meaning to hold Trump's responsibility for the first congressional occupation.[/font]

[font=굴림, gulim, sans-serif]The US public radio [/font][font=굴림, gulim, sans-serif]NPR[/font][font=굴림, gulim, sans-serif] interpreted that "the only way to hold Trump accountable under the current legal system is impeachment and the [/font][font=굴림, gulim, sans-serif]25th[/font][font=굴림, gulim, sans-serif] Amendment, meaning that we will use all possible means."[/font]

[font=굴림, gulim, sans-serif]The Democratic Party plans to use this provision as a stepping stone to impeachment. Pelosi has emphasized that if Vice President Pence refuses to invoke Article [/font][font=굴림, gulim, sans-serif]25 of the[/font][font=굴림, gulim, sans-serif] Amendment, he will have to go through impeachment proceedings against the President.[/font]

[font=굴림, gulim, sans-serif]House the next day ( [/font][font=굴림, gulim, sans-serif]13[/font][font=굴림, gulim, sans-serif] days) 9 a.m. (Korea time [/font][font=굴림, gulim, sans-serif]13[/font][font=굴림, gulim, sans-serif] pm [/font][font=굴림, gulim, sans-serif]11[/font][font=굴림, gulim, sans-serif] gathered during) will vote to impeach President sochuan for Trump. Earlier on the [/font][font=굴림, gulim, sans-serif]11th[/font][font=굴림, gulim, sans-serif] , Congressman Ted Liu and others proposed an impeachment bill that applied the charges of ``inciting civil rebellion'', saying that President Trump provoked supporters and caused violence in Congress. About [/font][font=굴림, gulim, sans-serif]210[/font][font=굴림, gulim, sans-serif] lawmakers co-signed.[/font]

[font=굴림, gulim, sans-serif]President Trump left the White House for a visit to the Mexican border barrier that day, meeting with reporters, saying, "Impeachment is an extension of the worst witch hunt in political history."[/font]

[font=굴림, gulim, sans-serif]The first public speaking six days after the congressional occupation, he argued that if the Democratic Party continues to impeach the country, the country could be at risk. He warned him that if he was impeached, violence could happen.[/font]

[font=굴림, gulim, sans-serif][font=굴림, gulim, sans-serif]"The impeachment is causing tremendous anger." said.[/font][/font]

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