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Can to help me with restarting printer spooler services?
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services? to spooler with can support com help printer restarting me hp

Can to help me with restarting printer spooler services?


You might be required to restart printer spooler for a number of reasons and if you are looking for the way to do it then don’t worry as can help you out in no time.

To configure it, open Open ‘Run’ and press Windows key + R together and type ‘services.msc’ and click on ‘Enter’. Once the Service window opens up, look up for ‘Printer Spooler’ and right click on it and click on ‘Stop’. Close the window and open the ‘Run’ box again and hit enter after typing ‘Spool’. Delete all the files in that folder and if it asks for administrator access then grant it. Open the services window for another time and click on ‘Start’ next to printer spooler services by right clicking the option. Restart your laptop/desktop and you can get back to your printing tasks right away.

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